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Episode 74 - You're not supposed to be here, I haven't changed Alonso - Our reaction to the race in Valencia and Ferrari's pitlane controversies

Published by Christine

Episode 74 - You're not supposed to be here, I haven't changed Alonso audio waveform

It's no secret that Valencia wasn't what we were hoping for, and yet it still seems to have created the talking point of the season.


I said it would never happen, but we go live once again.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for safety and for returning to the sporting action, but a bad week for thefts and for Force India's morale.


Renault are still circling way too slowly for our liking, and it's not as though they were taking in the scenery. Did Ferrari get to choose which end of the pitlane they were at? Also what is up with Valencian security, because there was litter and a man or two on the track. Oh, and Trulli was awesome.

The race

It all comes down to Ferrari really, as they dominated for pit lane reasons. You can hear our thoughts on the subject, and then an interview with Alex Andronov where he shares his own ideas on the subject. We also do a quick Fantasy Racers update.


What TV coverage is like in Australia, plus plenty of emails. Adam tells us to give Bruno Senna a chance, Piotr shares some pictures from his time at the Ferrari Gallery, Keith the Marshall lets us know his plans for the future, and Leah finds F1 fascinating for understandable reasons.


Just a quick mention of the charts and graphs available on Google Docs.