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Episode 73 - He only knew what it was like with a lawnmower - Post-Hungary news with thoughts on refuelling and the Valencia circuit

Published by Christine

Episode 73 - He only knew what it was like with a lawnmower audio waveform

The first ever live show of Sidepodcast turns into the usual edited version where we discuss the idea of rotating your staff, practicing pit stops, and the weather in Valencia.


We're live on the internet, which is both scary and brilliant at the same time.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for staffing news, with Ron Dennis' rotation schemes, and Ross Brawn's technical prowess, but a bad week for Lewis Hamilton's bags and Finland's stamps.

News and views

After Hungary, Kovalainen doesn't think anything has changed, whilst Coulthard and Gascoyne want things to change. Coulthard questions the future of refuelling after the pit lane fires, and we have some thoughts on that, whilst Gascoyne wants longer life components which is putting people out of business. We also discuss updates on the Valencia track, including wind, sun and rescue attempts.


A voicemail from Doctor Vee and Anonymous about the state of the championship and a mini series question respectively. The entry to end all entries for the You Know You're an F1 Fan When... Game, plus we discuss TV coverage where you are.


The mini series confusion may continue for a while as we sort out all the old archives and get things up to speed - apologies in advance for that. Plus, we're now recommending Miro.