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Episode 71 - You know things are bad when it all rests on Piquet - A review of the news and views in Formula One over the German GP weekend

Published by Christine

Episode 71 - You know things are bad when it all rests on Piquet audio waveform

This week is all about Hockenheim, and thus all about McLaren as Lewis Hamilton dominated the entire weekend. We make mention of everyone else though, including Glock and his accident, plus Massa's inability to defend.


Another sporting injury obtained a ridiculous way, but can it beat Massa in a lift?

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Vettel as he's snapped up by Red Bull, although will he find himself evacuated from the factory like Webber? Bad week for Abu Dhabi because Singapore is just too good.

News and views

Just a quick mention of BMW and their KERS technology - ready and out in the wild world. They may be implementing it at the upcoming Jerez test, along with Honda and their updates, plus Force India and their new gearbox.


We evaluate the return to the Hockenheim circuit, Hamilton's domination, the weather, and the grandstands.

The race

Glock had a major crash, which threw everyone's strategy out the window, but it worked better for some than for others. We try and understand the Safety Car rules, yet again. We discuss the vast difference between Ferrari drivers, McLaren drivers and Renault drivers.


Three emails - one about yet another Sebastien, one small complaint for Mr C, and one asking about Bernie's decision making.