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Episode 70 - When was the last time you sat in a comfy chair at Goodwood? - More reporting from our experiences at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Published by Christine

Episode 70 - When was the last time you sat in a comfy chair at Goodwood? audio waveform

Having been away from Sidepodcast Towers for too long, it's time to sit back, relax and catch up with the news and events from the past few days. We also discuss our last summer outing at Goodwood.


If last week's show was good because of him, perhaps it's time to think about going solo?

Good week / Bad week

Perhaps not.

Good week for helmets and making friends, but a bad week for Ferrari and F1 in general.

News and views

We discuss details from the three day test at Hockenheim including Renault's continual engine failures, the comparison between McLaren and Ferrari, and whether the anvil wing/shark fin is going to take over the sport.

Goodwood FoS

With an introduction from Steven Roy, we discuss our weekend, with not as much enthusiasm as expected. Several things didn't live up to expectations, whilst other things were better than we could have hoped. Plus, we got free smoothies, made up a ridiculous pun, and took photos of Vicki Butler-Henderson. No complaints from us... except the few in the show.


No feedback because let's be honest, it's only been four days since the last show.