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Episode 68 - Later, but better - The World Council decisions and our testing report are the topics this week

Published by Christine

Episode 68 - Later, but better audio waveform

A few days late, due to us both attending various days of the Silverstone test. Of course, that means this show is packed full of the gossip from the track.


Apologies for being slightly late, but there's plenty to talk about.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Räikkönen's engine and BMW demonstrations, but a bad week for BMW and the FIA.

News and views

We quickly run through the World Council findings at their Paris meeting last week, including the calendar, entry fees and Formula 2.

Plus, he was at testing for all three days, while I managed one, but I still have plenty to share with you (pictures included) from our day out, along with a live interview with a couple of Renault fans.


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