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Episode 66 - The cars are gonna be a little bit faster than the people - Tyre compounds and testing times make up our podcast chatter this week

Published by Christine

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The world of Formula 1 took a back seat this weekend as Le Mans took over, but Sidepodcast keeps it F1 related... for the most part.


Oh, wait, this bit is about Le Mans.

Good week / Bad week

Albert Park appears to have a bright future, but we're curious on the compromise, Force India are struggling with a former driver, Toro Rosso may have a new investor - but are they ready, and the track in Montreal is set for a change.

News and views

If it wasn't for testing this week, the news would literally be just about tyre compounds. Thankfully, there were three days in Barcelona to give us something to discuss - Davidson at Honda, the Toro Rosso still being slow, Heidfeld getting some extra track time, and Ferrari's running out of fuel.


Jordan leaves us a voicemail plugging his favourite F1 news source, and SidepodcastFan emails his in. Call us with your F1 site suggestions. We run down some Facebook stats, discussions and photos. Lou saw a Renault close up, F1 Wolf has some great photos, and we have some unclaimed ones on


Okay, yea, this bit is about Le Mans as well.