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Episode 62 - Back to the flying business - We discuss how to make the F1 race weekend more exciting

Published by Christine

Episode 62 - Back to the flying business audio waveform

With Sidepodcast's weekly show taking a 3-week break, there's plenty of news to catch up on, with gossip from before, after and including the Turkish GP.


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Good week / Bad week

Good week for Stepney and Kubica, bad week for France and security.

News and views

The demise of Super Aguri, and Lewis' cool image, and the rise of KERS and budget capping.

The race

How to make the sessions more exciting, some Ted News, and how many are fighting for the championship?


F1 Minute is a news show, which can have unfortunate consequences, plus there's talk of a meet up on Facebook and we listen to Mark's ringtones.


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