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Episode 59 - Every time he pushed the brake pedal, he disappeared - Finally some racing to talk about to distract from the FIA Presidency problems

Published by Christine

Episode 59 - Every time he pushed the brake pedal, he disappeared audio waveform

With the Mosley scandal continuing without an end in sight, it's nice to have a bit of racing to take our minds off it. Here we catch up with all the news from Bahrain, and a bit about Max as well.


Too much to talk about, must get on.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for ticket sales and Toro Rosso, and a bad week for Hamilton and Vettel for two very different reasons.

News and views

Ron Dennis is the keynote speaker at the Motorsport Business Forum in Bahrain, Ferrari may or may not have a new nose cone on the way, and yes, we discuss the latest in the Max story.


An interesting session, with some unlikely faces in the dropout zones and a brand new name on pole. We also discuss the longest voicemail ever.

The race

Our predictions were wrong but that just makes for an interesting race. To be fair, the action died down after the first third of the race, but there's still plenty to talk about.


Yea, yea, my Fantasy Racer choices suck. Can we move on now?


A mini series show coming up next week, make sure to tune in for the deliberate mistake.