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Episode 57 - It was a long seven minutes in the Renault world - All the action from the Malaysian Grand Prix, with feedback, news and more

Published by Christine

Episode 57 - It was a long seven minutes in the Renault world audio waveform

What with races in the middle of the night, and podcast delays due to laptop troubles, we at Sidepodcast Towers are very, very confused. However, we try and make sense of the madness in Episode 57.


Breaking god knows how many copyright laws never felt so good.

Good week / Bad week

Good week for Kovalainen and Vettel, but a bad week for Force India and the concept of aerodynamics.

News and views

Toro Rosso are for sale - want to buy an F1 team? The BBC get F1 rights - why? And will it be any good? Finally, Jean Todt steps down as CEO of Ferrari but is he stepping into another role?


Reliability problems continue, with David Coulthard's Red Bull shattering, and Kimi running out of fuel. One-lap specialist Trulli is no doubt in a good mood after his stellar lap and how scary was the footage from Heidfeld's final lap?

The race

Wondering who will be first out of the door, Massa or Nakajima, and who will replace them?Attempting to defend Bourdais, is it fair to compare him to Vettel? And cheering on Webber because he not only finished the race but picked up a couple of points as well.


A Fantasy Racers Sidepodcast league update, some new tagline submissions, and proof that there's no rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney.