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Episode 53 - They've got the drivers, they've got the money, what can go wrong? - Sidepodcast's annual look at the teams and their season potential

Published by Christine

Episode 53 - They've got the drivers, they've got the money, what can go wrong? audio waveform

Last week we looked at the drivers taking to the grid, these week we look closer at the 2008 contenders - the teams, how they've changed and how they will fare.


A quick update on the status of my bad luck - this week is better but I have proof that last week was the worst ever.

Good week / Bad week

Bernie Ecclestone gets someone onside, Super Aguri can't find anyone, Fuji are looking to stay in the sport, and which one is Pinocchio Schumacher?

News and views

Alonso has his main sponsor following him around, so does that means he's a pay driver? We're worried about the state of mind of Toyota drivers, they seem unable to stick to an opinion. And we briefly recap a very wet testing session, and discover we're looking forward to the return of a previously disliked figure.

2008 Contenders

A rundown of the 2008 teams with snappy statistics (again Krypton Factor stylee), what's been updated with the launch of their new car, and how we think they will do this year.


One voicemail to do with F1 Racing and Skittles, we want you to call us with your predictions. Facebook guest blogging, and the Fantasy F1 Sidepodcast league. A couple of good emails from poorly Steve (feel better!) and Blake who gave up his King of F1 crown too easily.


Don't forget to visit I Heart Franck, my new website, all about, erm, Franck. I promise that I'm not deserting F1 though, even if he has.