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Episode 52 - He's young, he's talented, he's in the wrong team - Our traditional look at the Entry List for the coming F1 season

Published by Christine

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With very little news to cover this week, Sidepodcast takes it's annual trip down the grid to predict the futures of the 2008 drivers.


I'm having the worst week of my whole entire life, no exaggeration or drama. Look forward to an optimistic show!

Good week / Bad week

Trulli's depression is actually a good week for Ferrari, whilst Jerez and Singapore are having troubles.

News and views

Super Aguri have delayed their launch, we discuss why and what effect this is having on the drivers. The "Racing Against Racism" campaign is gaining momentum, but do we sign up to it? And what exactly are we signing up to? Also, Ron Dennis is having some personal troubles and we justify why this is news.

Class of 2008

A rundown of the 2008 Entry List with driver statistics (Krypton Factor stylee) and a word or two on what we think.

On the phones

Just the one voicemail this week - part of his "on the phones" initiative. We talk about Nigel Stepney and his dignified silence - that's the silence where he keeps talking about what happened.


I'm not email bankrupt just yet, so keep trying. We talk about some of the brilliant emails we got this week, and how they link to the Facebook group. Train rides, counting coins, Honda being half and half, and Join in the fun on the group, or email me at christine [@]