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Episode 51 - What's that helmet doing in the middle of my dinner? - An outside broadcast from Mark Webber's pub near Milton Keynes

Published by Christine

Episode 51 - What's that helmet doing in the middle of my dinner? audio waveform

Sidepodcast takes a little journey into the middle of the English countryside, and samples the delights at an F1-related pub.


When broadband dies, there's only one thing to do: road trip! We explain why we're out and about near Milton Keynes.

Good week / Bad week

Honda staff, and Super Aguri, may have money coming their way, whilst top bods at McLaren are summoned to Italy, and Renault sign their way into new markets.

News and views

We cover the race row but only briefly, because what is there to say? Ferrari are flying in Bahrain but we ponder whether they're telling the truth out there in the desert. Force India's launch left a lot to be desired and Bernie's going on about Silverstone... again! Really, Bernie, you must realise by now that they're not bending to your demands!

Il Maschio

Mark Webber has some kind of involvement (we have yet to figure out exactly what) in Il Maschio, a restaurant inside a pub about ten minutes South of Milton Keynes. Our road trip took us to sample the delicacies of this Italian diner, and we share our thoughts on the food, the beer, the atmosphere, and the noise.

On the phones

Excellent voicemail that leads into a conversation about Montagny. This is the kind of message I like!


More delicious comments from the Facebook group, our thoughts on the progress of Must Comment Monday, and what is the fuss about email bankruptcy?