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Episode 50 - It's a bit extreme and no one's done it before - A half century of shows, and to celebrate F1 news from Barcelona

Published by Christine

Episode 50 - It's a bit extreme and no one's done it before audio waveform

Sidepodcast reaches the ripe old age of 50 shows, which is such a milestone that we don't even mention it!


We're better and busy, tweaking the blog here and there - see if you can spot our amendments.

Good week / Bad week

The Australian GP and Christian Klien share our bad week accolade, whilst Honda and Trulli cash in on the good luck.

News and views

A catchup of the news from Barcelona, even though it is ongoing as we record. The new Red Bull fin, McLaren's head down attitude, and Williams troubles, all discussed here. We also recap the Honda and Renault launches, whether our predictions last week came true, and what we think of their new sites. Plus, visit for a unique insight on the world of Formula 1.

On the phones

Two wonderful people called and left us voicemail this week, and we try to encourage more. Plus, someone starts a conversation with himself.


The Facebook group grows ever stronger, with some amusing comments to share. One of my favourite men is doing his thing over in the States. Finally, we start a new initiative - Must Comment Monday.