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Episode 47 - If you don't know the difference, you shouldn't be wearing the overalls - Catching up with our Autosport International experiences from the venue

Published by Christine

Episode 47 - If you don't know the difference, you shouldn't be wearing the overalls audio waveform

An outside broadcast from Autosport International, Episode 47 takes you behind the scenes at the UK's biggest motorsport show from the comforts of the restaurant at the NEC.


Where we are, what we're eating and why we're absolutely exhausted.

Good week / Bad week

This week has been good for drivers and personnel getting jobs and signing contracts, whilst others are being left behind as time advances towards the start of the season.

News and views

Alex Wurz joins Honda? Who'd have thought that would happen. We discuss why he's settling for a test role again, and what is in store for the team now. We also share our first impressions from the McLaren and Toyota launch - is Honest Ron not living up to his name, and why do Toyota seem to lack passion in every single department?

Autosport International

We've seen Jenson Button and Mark Webber on stage, plus a refreshing interview with Mark Blundell - the man actually talks sense! We dissect the F1 display and decide whether we were looking at 2007 or 2008 cars - the brand new Force India in all it's glory. Plus, non-F1 items include A1GP, monster trucks and dodgems.


Not too much to talk about here, as we've been away for the weekend. However, we came third in that podcast award thingy, so big thanks to everyone who gave us their clicks. No update on the theme tune but watch this space.