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Episode 37 - Japan GP - More rain came down, hitting F1 hard, and giving us plenty to talk about

Published by Christine

Episode 37 - Japan GP audio waveform

The beautiful summit of Mount Fuji in the background, a revisited track that held so much promise, then the rain came and ruined it all. We discuss, including:

  • Max Mosley mouthing off
  • Fernando Alonso heading off
  • Mark Webber sounding off

Talking Point

Is the season essentially over now? Do you give up worrying about the championships once the leader is pretty much a dead cert? Do you cling on to any last shred of hope, even if it's only slightly mathematically possible? Do the races hold less interest once championships are decided? Let us know your thoughts, either by commenting on this post, emailing christine [@], or by leaving us a voicemail on 0121 28 87225. We'll discuss your opinions on the next show.