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Episode 35 - Belgium GP - Hamilton and Alonso make headlines again, and we cover it all in this week's show

Published by Christine

Episode 35 - Belgium GP audio waveform

The Belgian Grand Prix promised much, with it's fabulous track and the inter-team rivalries. Here we discuss why it did not deliver, including:

  • Max Mosley's hasty retractions
  • Hamilton's lack of form
  • Where was Ralf Schumacher?

Talking Point:

Hamilton vs. Alonso - the first corner incident. Was it fair for Alonso to push Hamilton so wide? Should Hamilton have accepted the position as lost already? How scary is the Eau Rouge really? Let us know your thoughts, either by commenting on this post, emailing christine [@], or leaving us a voicemail on 0121 28 87225. We'll discuss your opinions on the next show.