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Enjoy the 2012 Indy 500, in full and for free - Watch the entire Indianapolis 500 ABC broadcast online

Published by Mr. C

Mark this date in your diary, because today is the day that motorsport broadcasting changed forever. Organisers of the 96th running of the annual 500 mile race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway have uploaded Sunday's live ABC Indycar broadcast in full. That is two hours and 42 minutes of coverage, featuring 200 laps of racing action, that culminated one of the most dramatic battles to the finish in recent memory.

Update: Maybe motorsport broadcasting hasn't changed at all and old school (backwards) thinking is still the order of the day in Indycar too. UK viewers have now been blocked from viewing this content, no reason given although it worked fine for several days, as have previous Indycar race replay videos. Shame.

If you missed it, or just fancy reliving a little of that momentous race, you can watch the video online, and for free. From pre-race build-up and the race in its entirety, to the victory celebration, it's all there.

As you watch, be sure to follow the live comments at the same time. We are currently watching the whole thing again, but this time on the big screen in the corner.

All we need now is for the race to be broadcast live in the same manner. Add a sprinkling of high-definition footage and we'll be staring straight into the future of racing coverage.

Motorsport viewing how it should be, all thanks to Indycar.