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El Sueño de Morfeo - A peek at a Formula One inspired playlist

Published by Mr. C

I will openly admit to being a fan of singer/songwriter Jacques Villeneuve. I never liked his driving, but I do own a copy of his debut album Private Paradise and was secretly really pleased when we were able to feature his music in a video some time ago.

Even with JV's tunes, my F1 iPod music collection remains limited. Extending only to a single track by Fleetwood Mac, Lift Me Up by Moby (once used to introduce ITV's race coverage) and Beep by the Pussycat Dolls. Beyond that, the F1 connections become more tenuous.

With Nicole Scherzinger spending more time dancing than performing with a microphone these days, and Jacques seemingly quite keen to drive anything, for anyone anywhere, the chances of seeing this music collection increase in size seemed limited. I hadn't however accounted for Mrs Fernando Alonso.

I've been very slow off the mark here. Earlier today Christine linked to a video recorded during Alonso's birthday celebrations in Hungary last Thursday. The event took place inside the team's motorhome but the presence of a big cake, a grinning Rob Smedley and a man who appeared to be smoking a birthday candle, meant I only paid a passing interest to the girl in the corner singing Happy Birthday.

I had no idea that Fernando Alonso's wife was a professional singer. How can she be famous and yet keep such a low paddock profile? I don't think I even knew what the lady looked like until today - a complete contrast to Nicole's very public support for Lewis.

Raquel del Rosario is the girl's name and her band is El Sueño de Morfeo. They appear to be somewhat successful in their home country of Spain too.

I've just spent the past hour or so listening to tunes from several albums, I've bought three tracks already and will likely buy more. My collection of F1 related music is blossoming once again.

A quick thank you goes to Brad Spurgeon for alerting me to Raquel's existence in his latest article for the New York Times as well as to the detective work of FastBuddha in the comments for joining the dots. You can learn more about El Sueño de Morfeo on their official site, and Raquel on her personal domain. Consider me a fan already.

If there are any other Formula 1 related songs out there in the wild, I need to know about them. Maybe Adrian Sutil has released a piano concerto I ought to be listening to?