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Editor's pick - Video promotions see record viewer numbers for Sidepodcast TV

Published by Mr. C

As Hugo pointed out in a comment yesterday, YouTube have been featuring our Japanese Preview video in their 'Cars and Vehicles' category for the past day or so.

Editor's Pick on YouTube

The extra promotion seems to have done wonders for our viewing figures. Until yesterday, our most popular online video was the preview for the Hungarian GP, which had roughly 20,000 views on Dailymotion.

Today thanks to you YouTube, it looks like we've broken that record. It's amazing what difference one editor can make, on our own we'd struggle to get that many views in 12 months.

A very big thanks goes to both video networks, and especially to everybody who tuned in.

With only one race left before the end of the season, you may be wondering how you'll cope without Christine popping up every other week, but fear not we have plenty of new content in the pipeline to tide you over those post season blues. Apparently we don't do winter breaks!

Update: Just thought I'd include the following screen grab, because it made Christine smile to be within such close proximity to Britney and the Sugababes:

Promoted Videos on YouTube

We kind of feel a bit like Super Aguri right now. 45,000 views is so much more than we could ever have imagined at the beginning of the year, where do we go from here?