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Ecclestone on Imola - Quotes from F1's boss on the sacking of San Marino

Published by Christine

"Things are simple: the contract expired this year as the conditions to renew it weren't there anymore."

"In the last years I often felt like I was the only one who wanted to carry on racing at Imola: the structures were crumbling, there were always arguments on the financial aspects, the circuit had to be modified."

"I don't think all the works would be finished by March. To reform a circuit it's not enough to say it, you also need to do it. Just look at what kind of phenomenal structures were built by the new countries hosting a GP in the last years."

"Out of habit I don't use the word 'never' in life, so I don't rule out anything in the future. For 2007 the question is closed, if and when the works are finished, we'll see."