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Donations spent on... - What we've been spending your incredible gifts on

Published by Christine

In the middle of 2008, we shared information on where money from your very generous donations ended up, in the name of Sidepodcast. Back then, it was tickets to various events and subscriptions to the online services that supplement the podcast and site. Fast forward a year (and a bit, sorry this post is late), and we have shiny and exciting things to show off.

Our wonderful community has been even more generous in the past 12+ months, allowing us to purchase things that have turned our little podcast into a multimedia extravaganza! Okay, I am exaggerating quite a lot, but we have bought plenty of fun things!

Mobile insight

We've talked at great length previously about the merits and pitfalls of the Official F1 app. Generally speaking the concept is excellent, but it seems to crash more than one would hope. It's not cheap either, so we put some of your donations to good use and purchased a season pass. Now, Mr C wouldn't be without it and I have to admit the track map with positioning of cars is something of a bonus.

A massive Sidepodfan

Although this item came from one specific donation, it very much should be featured in this list. In the height of summer we were burning up in the studio, with many machines running at full stretch, plus a bright light making me look pretty. After announcing we needed an industrial strength fan, Alex very kindly donated the funds required. We immediately went out and bought the fan. Not only does it make the studio bearable, but the panda quite likes it:

Lots of live streaming

Live streaming video, without annoying advertising, isn't cheap. As our shows seem to be getting longer, there's been many hours of streaming over the last year. It's not all been smooth sailing, but it's been great fun and more improvements are in the pipeline.

Your donations make going live possible, and even though we have to give the server a swift kick every now and then, we are live long enough for great things to happen. Like Mr C killing off celebrities.

Ingredients for Sidepodradio cooking show

Sidepodcast image

Oh yes, the cooking show that Mr C will never be allowed to forget. I can't exactly describe the fun-filled shopping expedition to get these ingredients, except to repeat that the only way he managed to identify the oil was because it came from a different aisle to all the other items, and it was yellow. Make sure you check out the show if you haven't already, and if you have, you know you want to hear the ineptitude again.

The purple wall

We've mentioned a few times that I am much quieter than Mr C when it comes to mic technique. Generally speaking, I have to have my mic a lot louder than his, because I am a delicate little podcaster. Eh-hem. It used to make editing quite tricky though, as his annoying voice would bleed onto my track. To solve the problem, we invested in some rather expensive, and just a little bit wobbly, soundproofing.

The purple wall is purple, and stands between Mr C and myself with a small little window for us to see each other. It solves the bleed issue, but still allows for visual communication.

Anglepoise microphone arm

Sidepodcast image

This one is a relatively recent purchase, due to our house move. Mr C had already discussed our problems with microphone stands, and the fact that we were using the wrong type for our needs. We couldn't quite justify purchasing a new one yet, but thankfully, I am clumsy.

During our move, I dropped one of the stands and broke it. We had to hastily invest in a brand new Anglepoise, and it is brilliant. We've only used it for one show, but already, we are anxious to get the second one.

Of course we have purchased lots of other little bits and pieces. Websites and podcasts take quite a lot of maintenance, and there are domain names and subscriptions to be renewed. However, the above sums up our most enjoyable purchases of the year.

We are eternally grateful to everybody who's made a donation this year, no matter how big or small. We promise to continue to be transparent, and to offer even more behind-the-scenes insight into what we do, how we do it and how you can make a difference.

Thank you.