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Does it count as plagiarism if we admit it upfront? - Highlighting Steve Matchett's chalk board F1 explanations

Published by Mr. C

I absolutely have to re-post this video vee8 dug up earlier today.

It's a video from Speed TV featuring F1 commentator Steve Matchett doing a chalk board session, which from what I can tell he does quite often. We don't usually get to see this sort of thing in the UK and we're really missing a trick here.

If this series is news to you, and if you're just a tiny bit interested in the technical side of F1, I heartily recommend taking a look:

It strikes me that as well as being informative and entertaining, it's a pretty damn simple programme to create. The perfect fit for a video podcast you might suggest.

The question is, can we get away with stealing the idea, or do you think someone will notice?

Damnit, back to the chalk board then.