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Do you want fries with that? - Nico Rosberg heads to the drive through

Published by Mr. C

I love seeing the daft sponsorship duties Formula One drivers are asked to perform when they're not racing. Take a look at this great shot of Nico Rosberg purchasing a meal from McDonalds, whilst driving his F1 car!

Happy Meal for Nico

Nope, he didn't forget to stop at the end of the race and no he's not thinking of following in Montoya's footsteps. He's just promoting some new fangled credit card thing, where you only have to touch your plastic next to a payment point in order to purchase your goods.

Apparently Formula 1 is being used to signify the speed at which you'll soon be able to shop, now that you don't have to stop and type in your pesky pin number. Makes sense right? Apparently McDonalds are one of the first merchants to sign up and if you live in the City of London you'll be the first to experience it.

Personally I just love the vision of Rosberg driving through Billingsgate in a Formula 1 car. Fancy another picture? Ahh, go on then.

Shouldn't he be out testing or something?

Yes, I know he can barely reach, and yes he is stretching so hard his eyes are tight shut, but shhh, you're spoiling it for everyone!