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Do you see what I see? - Footage from the Japanese Grand Prix is revealed online

Published by Mr. C

I've got to be honest, when I read a suggestion on Ed Gorman's blog today, that there was a chance some additional Fuji footage might work it's way online via official channels, my response was one of marked cynicism.

But all due credit to the powers that be, because as Dom spotted earlier, Bernie's official site is now carrying raw video footage from the various incidents that drew so much response during the Grand Prix of Japan.

Screenshot from

For the very first time in Formula 1's history, you may legally watch a "commentary free" selection of racing incidents via your web browser, from anywhere in the world.

Looking at the page in question, it would appear that either this was a bit of a last minute rush-job, or someone did this begrudgingly. The page looks half finished. It's missing a preview image, features no descriptive text and simply asks the question:

Japanese Grand Prix footage - what do you think?

When played, the video actually offers little new information of note, and doesn't change my opinion on any conclusions we'd already come to. What I am curious about though, is the reason for this content's sudden appearance.

The material could quite conceivably have been slotted into the site's regular post-race promo video without raising any eyebrows, but seeing as the video is accompanied by a rhetorical question, we must assume that somebody is trying to make a bigger deal out of this.

Is this simply Formula One Management picking a good time to score some decent PR points? Is someone unhappy with the way the stewards have been acting recently, or is it an attempt to offer a tiny morsel of transparency from within a usually oblique system? Also, does this set a precedent that says we can now expect all future questionable incidents to be made available for perusal?

There's a lot to be discussed from this move, but what we do know for certain is that Fuji brings out the best in F1 video. It was just over a year ago that stewards first relied on video evidence supplied via YouTube to help make a call relating to a racing incident. The footage came from the Fuji Speedway and in fact the source used was none other than Mr. Gorman's blog.