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Do you fancy a great F1 night out in Silverstone? - Stowe School gets the Formula One treatment courtesy of Marussia

Published by Mr. C

It has been far too long since F1 journalist Joe Saward pitched up in the UK to discuss all matters relating to Formula 1. Thankfully he's planning to put that situation right, as his globetrotting Audience With... event returns to the UK in anticipation of the British Grand Prix.

If you caught Joe's most recent podcast, he revealed plans to take over the Music Room of Stowe School in Buckingham for a whole evening, all in the name of bringing Formula 1 closer to the fans.

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School's out for summer

In association with the Marussia Virgin racing team, who have set up camp in the school grounds for the duration of the British GP weekend, anyone and everyone is invited to put their motor sport questions to Joe.

F1 has previous when it comes to forgetting about the paying punter, but regardless of whether you consider yourself an F1 veteran or a relative newcomer to the sport, Joe's enthusiasm for racing will appeal to everybody.

Tickets to spend an evening in the company of one of F1's most experienced journalists will set you back just £40 per person and can be purchased directly from the man himself. The ticket price also includes a buffet dinner, plus the chance to enjoy the Marussia Racing Weekend experience.

Friday, July 8 is the date for your diary and as events such as these don't come around too often, we recommend booking your tickets sooner rather than later.

Are you experienced?

Should you be interested in details relating to the full racing weekend experience, Marussia Virgin have more info on their site, with prices starting at £150 for three days. While a more expensive option includes some very tempting pop-up hotels. Do note though that you will still need to purchase your own ticket for An Audience With Joe even if you are camping.

Having bought our tickets early, I can confirm Sidepodcast will be in attendance on the Friday. Whilst we sadly cannot afford the cost of attending the British Grand Prix in person (nor stretch to camping in a chic pop-up hotel), we can afford to spend the evening in the company of one Mr Joe Saward, and so can you too.

Let us know in the comments once you've bought your tickets, we look forward to seeing you for a great F1 night out in Silverstone.