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Do they party as hard as we do? - Sakon Yamamoto DJs at a Force India yacht party

Published by Christine

Sakon Yamamoto on the deck

Force India have issued a press release today that seems to have snuck under the radar a little bit. It doesn't make for heavy reading, and there's no earth shattering news in there, but it certainly does brighten up one's day.

Dr Vijay Mallya is making a point that the Force India F1 Team partied like it was 1999 this year, and they intend to keep on doing so. The press release lists a whole host of celebrity names I've never heard of, and three that I have, but it's the little details that make me smile.

The idea of Sakon Yamamoto taking to the decks to DJ a set for an FIF1 party is something that will keep me going for days. Cricketers mingling with Bollywood beauties, all bopping around to the tunes from the hands of an F1 driver. Only at a Mallya party, I reckon.

Anyway, the point to all this is that in these troubled times, it's nice to know there is still fun to be had. It may be all about cost-cutting here, scrimping and saving there, but the champagne still needs drinking and Mallya knows just the people to do so.

This gets a hearty thumbs up from me, because half the battle of turning around a recession is getting people to believe things will be okay. The press release signs off:

The team gave Good Times and promises to give more Good Times during the 2009 season.

That's good times with a capital G & T. I'll drink to that.