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Putting F1 in its place - An update on Sidepodcast's virtual index

Published by Mr. C

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It must have been at least a year since we last posted about the Sidepodcast F1 encyclopedia, and with a brand new season almost upon us, now seems like a good time to recap many months worth of changes.

Launched last February, the encyclopedia principally aims to improve navigation and discovery of content contained within this site. At present, updates occur almost invisibly and we haven't promoted the feature too much because there is so much of work still to be done. Things are however finally beginning to take some shape.

During the past year we added race steward biographies and list all recent events they have presided over. There is also now a dedicated section for key product suppliers, plus another for individuals working within the sport.

Links between sections have been enhanced too. You can now navigate between associated teams and their drivers, while teams also link to vital members of staff. Circuits now display a summary of recent results while the background text for drivers, teams and circuits has been completely overhauled and updated ahead of the new season.

During the recent off-season audio and images from both F1Minute and F1 Big Picture were migrated over to Sidepodcast meaning they too can be referenced from all sections within the encyclopedia. Check out Vettel's page to see how cool this is.

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The encyclopedia is unquestionably a long term project that is still far from completion. The plan is to keep working on improvements whenever we have a bit of downtime - at the current pace there is easily another two year's worth of effort before the full potential is realised.

In the meantime, please do feel free to browse around, and no doubt we will check back in a year with a laundry list of yet more enhancements.