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Di Resta's drive-through - A quick glimpse of the VJM06 as it hit the track at Silverstone

Published by Christine

Paul di Resta takes the Force India out for a spin
Credit: Sahara Force India Formula One Team

The launch season is currently in full swing and we are mostly enjoying it from the comfort of our own office chairs. However, there are those hardy souls who are turning up and getting a first hand glimpse of the shiny new F1 machinery.

Daryl Davies was present at the Force India launch which took place on Saturday at the Silverstone circuit. Daryl managed to capture some video of the car in action, and very kindly sent it to us to enjoy!

Here's a few words from Daryl with extra insight into what he learned from his day in the Silverstone garages.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Silverstone Wing for the launch of the Sahara Force India VJM06 by one of the sponsors who knows a lot of the engineers well. This gave us access to the back of the garage where they stripped the car down after its outing on the track.

The video above was taken as Paul di Resta took the car out for the first time.

There were a few things that will need adjustment before the test next week, as there were parts rubbing on the body and suspension where they shouldn't be, but overall it was a successful launch for the VJM06.

Interview sessions during the launch did not reveal the second driver but the team hope it's not Sutil as they are sick of Capri Sun!

Thanks for that Daryl, great little video and some interesting snippets of what the Force India chaps will be working on between now and the start of the test in Jerez.