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Design and share your fantasy race tracks - Take a map, plan your route, and share your masterpiece

Published by Mr. C

The Sidepodwiki doesn't get nearly enough promotion on this site. It's an ever expanding hive of activity, with 37 people already signed up and contributing content on a regular basis. We could and should be doing a better job of highlighting this to anyone who may have otherwise overlooked such a wonderful Sidepodcast resource.

Mind mapping

One thing we're quite excited about, is the ability to embed all manner of plugins into wiki pages. These can include video such as the Sidepodcast Diaries or as recently showcased by R.G. - F1 Quikmaps.

The site has been around for a long time, but coupling the service with user editable content offers everyone an opportunity to get creative and show Tilke a thing or two, when it comes to creating fantastic race tracks.

Here's a Miami Street Circuit that R.G. uploaded recently.

Clearly the man is a fan of bridges, and you can't question the concept of Formula One cars hopping from island to island.

No man is an island

To prove how easy it is to create these things, this morning I designed a track set in the Scilly Isles. Admittedly it's compact and bijou by F1's standards and I can already foresee public transport issues being somewhat Donington-esque, but that Herman chap better watch his back.

If you fancy a little drawing project, simply sign up for a free account at, pick a location and start scribbling. Once you've made something you're happy with, add it the Sidepodwiki (again, free signup is necessary, if you've not done so already).

Christine monitors the site for changes regularly, but by all means shout us in the comments if you've uploaded a masterpiece. Also if you need any more information don't be afraid to ask - after my solitary illustration I already consider myself an expert in cartography.

We can't wait to see your submissions, and by all means have a browse around the wiki while you're there.