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Deeply daily // A welcome for anyone interested in writing on a regular basis

Published by Christine

It's that time of year again, when the fabulous roster of daily writers we have here on Sidepodcast faces a bit of a shakeup. You've read the great stuff being produced, perhaps you've even attempted a one-off daily of your own, but have you thought about doing it on a more permanent basis?

There are two spots opened up during the week for regular writers, on a Sunday night for Monday's daily, and on a Monday night for Tuesday's daily. It's not too demanding, I recommend about 400 words for a post, but the length and structure of submitted posts varies wildly. All that's required is it gets us into the new day with a roundup of what is going on in the world.

There are plenty of examples if you want to know more, and we have information about writing a guest post for Sidepodcast too.

If you're interested in the daily posts, then let us know in the comments or email me You don't necessarily have to commit to long-term writing, we welcome one off posts too. They're the perfect solution if you have been wanting to write a guest post on Sidepodcast but have never been 100% sure of the topic.

The daily can simply be a collection of links, via the excellent bullet point list, or not as the case may be. You can take an angle, pick a favourite driver to focus on, review the recent race action, post a video, or anything that takes your fancy.

It's all welcome in the daily, so just shout and we'll start to talk timetables.

I can only end by saying thanks to everyone who has been involved with the daily post process. I wrote about it recently when we celebrated a year's worth of new and improved dailies. Here's to a year's more!