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December 2012 recap - Countdowns, stats and more - An eventful year winds down with a peaceful festive month

Published by Christine

With the 2012 F1 season done and dusted, it was time to wave goodbye to the year as a whole as the final month came to a conclusion. There were no races to enjoy, but a podcast series made a welcome return, and we got some great statistical guest posts.

Sidepodcast in December

There's been an awful lot of work going on behind the scenes of Sidepodcast, with Mr C handing over the keys to the site so that he can hunker down over his code. I've heard some furious typing over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff isn't visible which isn't a fair representation of the work he's put in, but that is a hazard of the job.

One thing we have done is brought the Factbyte Factbox into Sidepodcast, where it was previously a standalone add-on. It's now in the same style as the events, and has a snazzy countdown in the corner to the next coverage. At the moment, it's counting down to Australia 2013, but we're bound to cover something before then.

Meanwhile, the Christine's Rankings championship came to its exciting conclusion this year, with Jenson Button claiming the 2012 crown. The Rankings will return in 2013, and we have plans to make it even better, and more interactive.

In non-F1 off-season fun, we watched the first round of Crashed Ice which was brilliant. If you're not sure what all the fuss is about, there's a preview guide available, and there's not too long to wait until the second round.

Shows in December

This month, the F1 Advent Calendar returned, with twenty-five shows reviewing the 2012 season in short bite size episodes. We also managed to catch up with Joe for the final Aside show for the year.

Posts in December

As the season drew to a close, the guest writers went statistics crazy and we had posts looking at McLaren's bad luck following a win, the drivers that get into incidents more often than others, and much, much more. With that, and Christmas, we had a plethora of posts in December.

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