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Day 3 - Just a couple of snaps // The final day of testing at Silverstone

Published by Mr. C

On the final day of testing at Silverstone, the big guns came out to play. With Fernando, Lewis and Kimi all on hand to try out their respective machines in preparation for next weekends British Grand Prix there was far more media interest than on previous days.

Fernando Alonso

Alonso had a rough day testing, first his engine expired in the morning wiping out a large portion of the days running and then his final lap was compromised when the Renault powered Red Bull gave up in the closing minutes.

Fernando ready for some testing

The man didn't appear to be a happy camper in Silverstone, he left the circuit quickly after one of the shortest debriefs in the paddock.

Lewis Hamilton

Quickest of the day, on the only outing prior to his home Grand Prix, Lewis was very aggressive with his tyre warm up on exiting the pitlane. He appeared to lay more rubber than the rest of the drivers put together.

Lewis back from testing

McLaren tried out all sorts of aero updates ready for the upcoming Grand Prix. It seemed like every time the guy went past he was carrying a different front wing configuration.

Kimi Räikkönen

Only managing the 3rd fastest time, and completing the least amount of laps bar Couthard (who crashed, and then broke down), left Räikkönen looking for a way home as quickly as possible.

Kimi leaving the paddock

Due to a slight misunderstanding with an oncoming van, Kimi's driver was forced to wait amongst the crowd for a clear exit. Kimi was seen holding a phone to his ear during the very long delay, maybe he had a lot of messages to check?

Red Bull hospitality

Wandering up and down the paddock, it was blatantly clear that Red Bull is the place to hang out. They were the only ones with a purpose-built motorhome (even McLaren had just a bus / awning), and they were also the only ones with a roof.

Red Bull hospitality

Actively encouraging the media will, I'm sure, sway many a journalist. The late night opening hours are a bonus too.