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Day 2 - Yet more photos // Some pictographic evidence of testing at Silverstone

Published by Mr. C

I haven't left for the 3rd day of testing yet, as yesterday knocked us both for six. We're out of practice and not match fit. I'm planning on heading off shortly, and generally getting in the way as all the motorhomes are dismantled. In the meantime here are a few shots from Wednesday's testing.

Nelson Piquet

Piquet was on duty for day two of testing, and for the second time his running was curtailed due to car failure (probably engine related).

Nelson returning home

The man took an unusual line into the pits in this shot, drawing alongside much earlier than usual. As he blasted by he showered us in what might have been carbon brake dust.

Jarno Trulli

Toyota managed to finish 2nd in the running on day two and it was Trulli who put them up there.

Trulli on the main straight

The fences around Silverstone are, like most tracks, a pain for photographers. This shot was taken high up on the main grandstand as Jarno was about to start another lap.

Felipe Massa

Ferrari had a quiet Wednesday at Silverstone, they finished the day 7th having spent a lot of time on longer fuels runs.

Massa leaving the pits

I always like a driver with his visor open, but I swear the man's asleep at the wheel here. Rumour has it that Tuesday afternoon's testing was delayed after Massa overslept - I guess this track bores him.

Nico Rosberg

The Williams' pitwall always seemed to be busy during the three day test. They had more personnel up there than any other team and frequently the drivers jumped up for a chat too.

Nico coming in again

Looking at this shot, you do have to wonder if the higher cockpit sides really make much difference to drivers safety this year. Although not the tallest driver on the grid, Nico's head still clears the protection by some margin.