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Day 2 - Mid-day update (wet) - A testing report from the damp Sidepodcast circuit

Published by Christine

A shroud for Webber's car

Oh, poor Webber.

We're taking shelter because of the weather, although it looks like it's brightening up. Now that I've said that, it will start pouring again, and I will be lynched. However, it's time for a quick sit down and recap over what we've seen so far.

Vettel testing at Silverstone

We're learning some new stuff about the camera, and ways to get better shots, but at the moment we don't have time to evaluate them. That will come later.

Fisichella testing at Silverstone

We thought it would be really clever to film Inside Track here, what a great way to preview the Grand Prix than to be at the track itself. However, it's dark and windy and it's not going so well.

More to come soon... when it's sunny again.