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Day 1 - A couple more images - Photographs from a visit to the Silverstone testing

Published by Mr. C

I hope a picture paints a thousand words, because I have much to say but I'm just too tired. Here's a few more shots from the first day of Silverstone testing.

Nelson Piquet

Up close and personal with Nelshino. The guy was in a surprisingly good mood until his engine went 'pop' on the main straight around 3 o'clock and that was after he had a slow start to the morning session.

Nelson winding it up

When sitting in the pits the helmet visor can be used much like a pair of sunglasses, obscuring the drivers eyes as he waits patiently for the mechanics to go about their business. It was nice of him to open the lid for a brief moment before he set off for another run.

Jenson Button

The Honda engine sounded absolutely awful as Jenson made his way down the pitlane. Rumours were abound that the team were testing an early version of next years KERS device, or possibly a new mixture of bio-fuel.

Jenson making a racket in the pitlane

It was nice seeing this year's Earth livery in person. I didn't like the 2007 skin either from a distance or up close, but this one looks lovely and the orange camera mount stands out a mile.

Renault's lollipop

Renault use a traffic light system on their pit lollipop to indicate when a driver should engage first gear, instead of flipping the paddle over. This presumably prevents a driver reacting prematurely and heading off too early.

Renault's pit sign

There appears to be an inherent problem that if the lights aren't pointing directly at the driver, he may struggle to see their status, hence the extended funnels protruding far from the disc.


A detailed look at Kubica's front left wheel shows the slightly different approach the team have taken creating front wheel bins to cover the rims. You can see how the disc protrudes slightly above body of the wheel giving it all-round clearance.

Kubica's front left wheel

Silverstone is notoriously heavy on the right hand tyres, the rears suffer more, but even though Kubica was running relatively short stints you can see the rubber has already taken considerable punishment.