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Ricciardo excluded from GP results after fuel error - Team fail to make adjustments to ensure compliance

Published by Mr. C

Ricciardo finishes 2nd in the race but is excluded from final results
Credit: Getty Images

Second place finisher, Daniel Ricciardo has been excluded from his home Grand Prix after stewards found fuel-flow irregularities on his Red Bull.

Driver number three was disqualified after it was found that the team exceeded the required fuel mass flow of 100kg/h, a new requirement introduced this season.

Stewards noted that while the fuel flow was beyond the control of the driver, telemetry observed during the race indicated that the flow was too high. The team were contacted and given the option to reduce the flow to bring it within limits, but declined to do so.

For Red Bull's part, they argued unsuccessfully that the sensor was faulty and opted instead to run to what they considered more reliable data. Stewards concluded it was not up to the team to run a different fuel flow measurement without permission.

While it is highly likely that new homologated parts introduced this year are not yet entirely reliable, it is the same for all teams. It's also conceivable that others too disagreed with prescribed flow data, but ran their cars as required regardless. Additionally, a technical directive issued at the beginning of the month explicitly allows for alternate measurement to be used should any equipment prove unreliable.

It is a huge shame for Ricciardo to be stripped of his best ever F1 result, but it is also hard to argue against the stewards' findings in this instance. The change in result bumps McLaren up to a double podium finish and means Kevin Magnussen scores a second place finish on his debut.

Red Bull have announced an intention to appeal the penalty, which means the race results remain provisional until their case has been heard.