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Daily posts - The holiday season begins now - Planning festive coverage of the daily site threads

Published by Christine

This year, a fabulous collective of daily post authors have gone out of their way in order to help out Sidepodcast by writing regular posts each day of the week. We've talked at length about how brilliant they are, but if you have been missing out, check out the latest daily and get reading!

As it is now December, we realise that organising the daily posts might take a little bit more work. Mr C managed to spring an idea on us yesterday, in which each daily entry could feature a festive photograph to brighten up the day (and the homepage). We began this today, with a gloriously snowy scene from Lou. The photo doesn't need to be taken by the daily author, it doesn't have to be snow, it can be anything that is remotely festive, or wintery. This is a great time to feature photos from all over the Sidepoduniverse.

If you've got a photo you want to share, then let us know in the comments. We've been pondering where a good place to store the photos would be, but at least collecting together some links and offers would be a good start.

The other thing we need to organise is if and when our regular authors are taking holidays, if there are days they won't be able to write the posts, and if we have any volunteers to fill in. We can also keep track of that in this thread as well.

17th DecFriLukehOK
18th DecSat
19th DecSunLou
20th DecMonRGOK
21st DecTueAmandaOK
22nd DecWedGavinOK
23rd DecThuGigglesOK
24th DecFriLukehOK
25th DecSatAmyOK - Heikki Day + Sidepodbauble
26th DecSunLou
27th DecMonRGOK
28th DecTueAmandaOK
29th DecWedGavinOK
30th DecThuPat WOK
31st DecFriLukehOK
1st JanSatChristineOK - New Year's Day!
2nd JanSunLou
3rd JanMonRGOK
4th JanTueAmandaOK