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Coulthard craziness - Red Bull top the timesheets and the predictions go wild

Published by Christine

So, on Wednesday, David Coulthard was the fastest man in testing. This is fabulous news for the Brit who has not exactly been shining on previous days. I would have reported the incident sooner, but that pesky thing called life got in the way.

However, in the ensuing days the blog posts and web reports of the day you would think Coulthard was some kind of god. I read in one particular news story that it was definitely going to be the resurgence of Red Bull and they would be the ones to look out for next year.

First question: When were Red Bull ever good? If it's to be a resurgence, they need to have achieved some high results previously.

Second question: Seriously?

I'm happy for Coulthard and everything, but really, it was just one day. It was the last day. The top four drivers were ridiculously close together. The top eleven were within a second of him.

It doesn't really sound that incredible to to me.