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Couldn't have asked for more - A 2007 season review after an incredible final race in Brazil

Published by Ryan Gault

Well, what a race that was. Couldn't have asked more for a championship showdown in Brazil. Though I may have accidentally jinxed Felipe Massa by announcing he was the champion thirty seconds too early. Needless to say, not long after, Hamilton passed Glock to win it. Well done to Hamilton nonetheless. Shame Coulthard retired on the first lap, especially since it appeared it was not his fault, he's had a great career. Just a pity his retirement will be overshadowed by Hamilton. Massa was unlucky, and I'm impressed with him that he took it on the chin and didn't wail his eyes out.

Shame for BMW to finish the season with no points from Brazil, but I'm optimistic for 2009, and I think we will be able to fight the big guns right to Abu Dhabi in a year's time, hopefully with both Kubica and Heidfeld battling for the title. And with Renault likely to be more competitive, we could see a Räikkönen, Massa, Hamilton, Kubica, Heidfeld and Alonso battle for the title. And I thought 2008 was good.

I've enjoyed the season massively. And I think the best races were in the tracks not made by Tilke, Australia, Monaco, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Italy and Brazil. I think that says something about the tracks Tilke made. As a BMW fan the clear high point was the Canadian GP win and 1-2, seconded by our first podium in Bahrain. The low point for us is the end of the season, scoring 7 points in 2 races, none of them in Brazil.

As a general F1 fan, the best race was possibly Monaco, the rain and the walls, and Sutil's performance really made that race enjoyable. The worst was definitely Valencia, with a massive build up to being on of Tilke's best tracks, it turned into a dull fest and one I wished I hadn't missed 90 minutes of sun when I was on holiday.

My driver of the year goes to Massa, proved everyone wrong after an awful start and winning the most, brilliant drives in Bahrain, Turkey and Brazil, but made some silly errors like in Malaysia. Hamilton had some quality races, Britain and China, but like Massa, made some awful judgement in Canada and Japan.

Disappointment of the year for me is shared by Räikkönen and Kovalainen, two drivers who can drive, in good cars, but were nowhere near quick enough to match their team mates.

Surprise of the year is no doubt Kubica and BMW, could have got pole in Australia and Canada, did in Bahrain. We got a 1-2 in Canada and many podium finishes. Only retiring twice, once because of Nakajima's fault. No mechanical failures and Heidfeld becoming the first driver to have finished every race in a season.

Brilliant season this has been, and thanks massively to who have livened up my season no doubt, live commenting has been brilliant. So thanks to everyone in the Sidepodcast community since Canada, kudos.

Roll on 2009!