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Could this be the end? - Formula One could be facing a split or even worse

Published by Christine

FIA Headquarters

Today could be a huge day for Formula One. One of those events that gets recorded in the history books for all time. Equally, it could be a day of few surprises, one that is merely another stage in the political war that has completely engulfed F1 recently.

It is very hard to predict what may happen on this second Friday in June. Supposedly, as avid followers of the sport, you might think we should have some kind of clue, but with so many meetings happening all over the place, and letters flying to and fro you'd be a fool to try and second guess who, if anyone, will win this particular battle.

The last bit of news I heard was that ongoing discussions "weren't entirely negative". Right now, I would beg to differ.

Everything coming out of FOTA or the FIA's mouths for the past few months has been negative, and it is dragging the sport's good name, and almost everyone's spirit and motivation through the mud.

The FIA are due to announce the entry list for next season at some point today, maybe as early as midday. This could be an end of it, but more likely it is just another step along the path to 2010 and beyond. We've already had a couple of predictions in the comments, taking a guess at who will be on the list, and whether it actually means anything in the long run. Feel free to mull over such things, and discuss the outcome when it finally arrives.