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With you until the end - When Eurovision and Formula One collide

Published by Christine

On 18th May 2013, the 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest will take place, with countries from across Europe battling it out to win a big trophy, a shower of confetti, and hosting rights for the following event. This year, Sweden have the honour of hosting the competition, after securing victory in 2012 with the song Euphoria.

We will be following along in the live comments, as we have done since 2010, enjoying the music, discussing the fashion, and passing judgement on the lyrics. This year, we even have an F1 connection, however tenuous. The Spanish Eurovision entry will be El Sueño de Morfeo, the lead singer of which is Raquel del Rosario, who in turn is the ex-wife of one Fernando Alonso.

We've been fans of El Sueño de Morfeo, or ESDM as they now appear to be known, for a while - Mr C made sure to download all their music a few years back. He even wrote a love post about her them. Fernando Alonso's new girlfriend Dasha may be cool in her own way, but we love an F1 musical connection and Raquel was a big favourite.

Thankfully, Alonso himself appears to still be on good terms with his ex-wife. We know the split was handled discreetly, which made a merciful change to other relationship breakdowns that occurred around about the same time. I recently spotted a retweet on his Twitter profile that suggested who the double world champion would be voting for in two weeks time.

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Now there is no excuse not to join in the fun, as the F1 connection is strong, and Fernando Alonso has told you who to support.

As for the song itself, Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until the End), a confusing Irish-style introduction blends into a gentle ballad that gradually picks up steam as it draws to a conclusion.

I'm not sure it has the upbeat and kooky nature that many of the Eurovision winners in recent years have gone for, but with a heap of Spanish F1 fans behind it, and us at Sidepodcast HQ too, how can it fail?