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Constructed from... Lego bricks! - A neat little promotion from Shell, Ferrari and Lego makes a star of Stefano

Published by Christine

Whilst perusing some potential rankings points today, I saw this video recommended by @StatesmanF1. He was asking for some points for Stefano Domenicali, which is sadly not possible this year. Instead, the Ferrari chief can have an entire post to himself.

The following is a simple ad for Shell, one of those "fill up at our petrol stations and collect all six" promotions. (I had no idea these still happened!)

Things to love about this video include the look of joy on Massa's face, the fact his little helmet figure is green, and the supreme masterclass of acting that is Stefano's eyebrows.

Lego and Formula One have always seemed a good mix, I love those little kits that you get where you can build F1 related machinery. At a previous Sidepodchristmas party, I gave myself the gift of a Mega Bloks McLaren kit that was incredibly fun to build. That's not quite Lego, though, so I may have to visit Shell and see what all the fuss fun is about.