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Conspiracy theories #3 // Could you have scripted the season any better?

Published by Christine

I don't know if you've had a chance to check out F1 Racing magazine this month - the one with Kimi Räikkönen on the front.

The magazine is okay, filled with interesting titbits, but if you turn to the back page, you'll find an amazing short column from ex-team-boss Eddie Jordan.

In not so many words, he has concreted our belief that last season was a complete farce. The Daily Blog household didn't watch much of last year's F1 season, only a few of the better races, as the twists and turns were worthy of a WWF match, and couldn't have been scripted better. What a coincidence that Schumacher was so many points behind and suddenly caught up but didn't actually manage to win the championship. Who would have thought that it would come down to the very last race?

I wasn't convinced that it had been completely scripted, but I thought maybe some of the teams had come to some arrangements to perhaps make the sport more interesting.

There's no proof of this whatsoever, but the fact that a well-respected expert on the subject who has spent many years on the inside of the game, would publish statements to agree with the above into the most official F1 magazine... well, it speaks volumes.