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Come gather round people - Planning for live streams of our podcast recordings

Published by Mr. C

Audio mixer and headphones

A couple of months ago the two of us sat around discussing the possibility of trying some kind of live, interactive talk show that we could then release later as a podcast. The general idea was to involve people more in conversation as it happens, rather than post-recording via comments or email.

During the original discussions we'd earmarked the pre-season 2009 as a pretty good time to start such a project, but as you're likely aware, things snowballed after we found early tryouts heaps of fun and thus plans were brought forward.

That brings us to where we are today, which is preparing for a live streaming edition of the audio podcast tomorrow afternoon. The intention is to start broadcasting live at 3pm on Sunday 17th and run for the whole duration of the recording.

We should point out that this is very early days in terms of doing this and the weekly show is by far the most complicated thing we do in terms of production and organisation. It often takes the best part of two hours from start to finish and that doesn't account for the new equipment we've introduced this weekend to enable the world to hear us. Additionally this won't be a full blown talk show from day one, although we will do our best to bring live commenting into the mix where we can.

Tomorrow afternoon will likely be a watershed moment for Sidepodcast, because either it'll be the best show we've ever recorded or we'll fall flat on our faces and be too embarrassed to show up again. It's unlikely to be an average kind of day and it's safe to say we're not going to be getting a lot of sleep tonight.

If you've little better to do with your Sunday afternoon than hang around your computer watching our world fall apart around us, then please do tune in here and contribute your ideas, thoughts and opinions to our very first live audio show. We can promise nothing we do will ever be the same again. We're plugging in and going electric, because the times they are a-changin.