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Closed captioning - The next step in transcribing our Sidepodcast TV video content

Published by Mr. C

Something we've been planning to do for a while, but have yet to achieve, is adding closed captioning to our videos.

We currently create full text transcriptions for each and every video, and they're available to download from our archives page. But at present there's no-way of reading that text inline as a video plays (like you would expect subtitles to work).

Hopefully we can address this soon, but in the meantime Project Readon is doing it for us.

They've captioned our France Preview video and if you view it on Revver. You'll see a Closed Captioning link beneath the preview window, selecting that link will display the captioning and the text will update as Christine speaks.

Closed captioning at Sidepodcast TV

I think this is flippin' fantastic! I've no idea how it works, but even when scrubbing back and forth the text always remains in sync.

The downside is that it takes a while for videos to be captioned, but rest assured we'll be submitting more videos to this service in the near future.