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City slicker - Franck Montagny strikes back and needs your vote

Published by Christine

Long time Sidepodcast readers may remember that I used to have a blog solely dedicated to following Franck’s footsteps around the globe. Now, granted, this was a time when I would start up a blog about any and every subject that caught my eye, including stationery, but I actually really liked following a specific driver and monitoring his progress. Sadly, the blog had to fold when I realised out that Monsieur Montagny had fallen off the grid completely. There's no news like no news!

Dubbed (perhaps only by me) the Invisible Driver, I gave up hope of being able to follow Franck’s career any more.

Things improved slightly when he joined French broadcasters Canal+ to help cover Formula One across the channel. Unfortunately, their online content is mostly geoblocked and whilst I seriously considered jumping on the Eurostar just to watch a video clip of the man, common sense eventually prevailed. It’s been frustrating seeing him out there, catching glimpses from afar, but finding him to still be just out of reach.

Now that has all changed with the revolutionary Formula E. I was already interested in the brand new electric motorsport series, but when it was confirmed that Franck Montagny would be driving for the Andretti team, my attention increased tenfold.

Franck Montagny poses
Credit: Twitter/AndrettiFE

The Frenchman has popping up all over the place, doing interviews, testing the car, making appearances and even having cartoon versions of himself appearing. It's like a whole new world, and this world is full of Franck.

The one thing he hasn't done yet is join Twitter, and whilst the social network isn't for everyone, it seems likely that he'll have to do it because Formula E is all about getting the fans involved. Their FanBoost idea has met with some criticism but if it gets the drivers out in front of the paying crowds, I think it's a great idea.

When asked in an interview about signing up to any and all of the social networks, Franck seemed uncharacteristically keen.

Of course, it’s extra power so I’m going to take it! I’m going to make everything happen and get online as soon as I can…

- Franck Montagny

That was way back at the beginning of June though, and I have to be critical here and say, it really doesn't take two months to sign up to Twitter. One of two things is happening here: he's either not got a very good internet provider so getting online really does take this long, or he's still trying to think of a good username. Either way, hurry it up Franck!

FanBoost doesn't require a Twitter account (yet), but it would certainly help spread the word. Hopefully the man himself can sort his online presence out but until he does, I'll start canvassing people for votes on his behalf. It's really easy to do, head on over to the Formula E page and cast your vote. It does require a login for the vote to stick, but it's a pretty harmless process.

The Formula E series starts in September, which quite amazingly is next month already. So there's not long for you to sign up, select your vote, and spread the word. You're going for Franck, right? Right??

FanBoost - Vote for Franck