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Circuit Character Cup - The Final - Spa vs. Monaco - It's a predictable match up but who will take victory in 2009?

Published by Christine

Here we are then - the moment we have all been building up to. This may have been the final that anyone could have predicted from the beginning of the cup, but both tracks have come on quite a journey to make their way to this last round. Who will be victorious and claim the 2009 Sidepodcast Circuit Character title? (There's no trophy.)

Spa vs. Monaco

Spa vs. Monaco

Spa has fought past several heavyweights throughout this competition, seeing off Silverstone in the first round and Singapore in the second. It has led the way through the top half of the matchups. Monaco had an easy first round, but faced off the challenge of the mighty Hungaroring to make it's way to the final. Make your vote count!