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Circuit Character Cup - Semi Final - Monza vs. Spa - Belgium takes on Italy as we judge the best of 2009's F1 tracks

Published by Christine

We're into the semi-finals now, pitting the circuits against each other for a place in the very last matchup of the cup, and that means we're down to one heat in each post. Today we're voting between two European tracks, and I think it might be a tough one.

Monza vs. Spa

Monza vs. Spa

Monza has easily seen off competition from Shanghai and Interlagos, but now faces perhaps it's toughest competitor yet. Spa has proved to be popular throughout the competition, even against it's first round opponent - Silverstone. So far, the Belgium track has enjoyed a larger margin over the losing circuits than Monza has, but this could be the matchup that changes all that.