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Circuit Character Cup - Round 2 - Suzuka, Albert Park, Hungaroring, Monaco // 2009's calendar is whittled down to the most popular tracks

Published by Christine

Our final set of tracks for round two go head to head today, to fight for a place in the semi finals tomorrow. The winners of these two heats will face each other for a chance to fight for the coveted title: Sidepodcast's Circuit Character Cup Winner 2009. Catchy, eh?

Suzuka vs. Albert Park

Suzuka vs. Albert Park

Suzuka well and truly trounced Barcelona in the first round, gathering over 100 more votes than the ever-present test track. Albert Park's initial battle was slightly closer, but Istanbul was soon knocked out of the competition. How will the two fare against each other?

Suzuka vs. Albert Park

  • Suzuka

  • Albert Park


86 votes

Hungaroring vs. Monaco

Hungaroring vs. Monaco

Hungaroring was heading for a certain exit until the fans came in their droves to vote their circuit above the Nurburgring. The track scored a whopping 400 votes. However, Monaco overcame Bahrain with a slightly less, but very similar, margin. Can it face up to the unlikely challenge of the 'Ring?

Hungaroring vs. Monaco

  • Hungaroring

  • Monaco


87 votes