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Circuit Character Cup - Round 1 - Suzuka, Barcelona, Albert Park, Istanbul - Old versus new in the third round of judging F1's tracks

Published by Christine

We've got the hard work out of the way now, although I thought yesterday's matchups might have been a bit closer than they were. Nevertheless, we're moving on to the third heat of the first round.

Suzuka vs. Barcelona

Suzuka vs Barcelona

Suzuka played host to the Japanese Grand Prix for year after year until Fuji decided to get in on the act as well. With plenty of history under it's belt, the circuit has plenty to offer. However, Barcelona is a staple for the testing calendar meaning most drivers know it like the back of the hand - does that add to it's character?

Albert Park vs. Istanbul

Albert Park vs. Istanbul

Hosting the first race of a new season is an honour, and even though Bernie likes to mess around with start times and dates, Australia certainly holds it's own in terms of providing great, if chaotic, racing. Meanwhile, Istanbul has done much to promote the sport in Turkey, and hosts one great corner - but can a circuit be judged on one corner alone?